Freezer Box & Embalming Services

To prevent the dead body at your residence. Freezer containers to transfer the dead body with dignity, and also ensure proper measures against decomposition the single important factor when moving over long distances

it works because the freezer keeps the human remains of the body in a perfect condition when going into a post-mortem... they usually use the boxes for murders and when getting buried, they can also be very dangerous because if the temperature is to low the guts and intestine could burst because of the contact away!

Some Services

  • Contact 24 hours for all types of Funeral services and Pandit.
  • We arrange to preserve the human remains in Cold Storage
  • Portable A/C Freezer Box on rental purpose to preserve the Dead body in your Residence
  • Transport of Human remains to any country in the world (Customes and related clearance
  • Specialist in Air Tight Coffin
  • We do Emabalming for Human remains to preserve the dead body from Decomposition for a longer time.
  • ICU Ambulance with Ventilator, Oxygen, Pulsoximeter, Defibilator
  • Accident and Trauma care ambulance with life support systems.
  • Ambulance with oxygen and AMBU Bag
  • We give Oxygen Cylinder for rental purpose for the patient to their residence
  • Medical A/C Freezer Box (For Hire)
  • We make arrangement to send Human remains by Air Craft with all thee documents (24 Hours Service)